Learn Professional Public Speaking Skills
and Make at Least $100,000/Year
as a Professional Speaker

Direct from the Oldest, Most Trusted Name in the Industry Credited with
Training More Million Dollar Speakers than any Program in History.



One 20-minute speech to the right group of potential clients, prospects or superiors has the power to double or triple your income and open doors of opportunity that are closed to 95% of the population. Great speakers are seen as leaders in business, in the communities where they live, and in life in general. People have always been influenced (and probably always will be) by the eloquent, entertaining speaker who knows how to connect emotionally with his or her audience.

“If You're Not Out Speaking To Groups About What You
Do For A Living. . . It's Literally Costing You A Fortune

We all know that people do business with people they know, like and trust. Great speakers know how to build a relationship with an audience and convert non-believers to his or her way of thinking. There’s nothing more profitable than a speaker who knows how to connect with an audience, move them to action, and convert them into clients for life.

I’ve picked up as many as 300 new clients as a result of delivering a single speech. Not only that, but I gave THAT speech for FREE! The money our company brought in from that one free presentation was substantial. That’s one of the beautiful things about speaking to business groups: You don’t have to charge a fee to make money from your presentation. The business you generate will more than compensate for your time and effort. Groups such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, VFW, Chambers of Commerce, Networking Clubs, Women’s Business Groups, Men’s Clubs, etc. are always looking for exciting, energetic speakers with something to share with their members. I know people who make a healthy living simply speaking to these types of groups for free and getting paid on the back end from all of the new business they generate.

Powerful Public Speaking Can Catapult Your Confidence And
Thrust You Into A Position Of Leadership And Authority

Public speaking is the single most important skill you can possess as a leader. It’s a magical skill that can bring you mega-success. Becoming a persuasive presenter gives you the power and privilege to influence people to your way of thinking. It gives you the confidence and charisma to get what you want, live your dreams, and help others do the same.

“The power of the platform is unparalleled.
Nothing can propel you to the top faster, no matter
what business you're in---IF you know what you're doing when you
step out in front of a group

The Untrained Speaker Will Stutter And Stammer…The Pro Will Change The World

All Great Leaders Seem To Agree On One Principle: If you want to be great at something, seek the counsel of men who are great - and then follow their instructions to the letter. Since 1947, many of the world's best professional speakers, authors, doctors, attorneys, dentists, ministers, accountants, celebrities, professional athletes, business executives, and other professionals have learned the speaking secrets of the masters from the world-famous Bill Gove Speech Workshop.


Standing On The Shoulders Of A Giant…

Bill Gove… 1912-2001

Bill Gove, CSP, CPAE, was recognized around the world as the father of professional speaking. Toastmasters International awarded Bill Gove its Golden Gavel Award in 1991, and called him one of the most popular speakers of the 20th Century. I was fortunate enough to be Bill's business partner from 1996 until he passed away on December 9, 2001, and to speak on stages with him around the world. I can tell you from first hand experience that Bill Gove was the modern day genius of public speaking.

Bill Gove with President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan backstage at Carnegie Hall in 1955. President Reagan and Bill Gove often crossed paths on the speaking circuit and are considered two of the finest presenters of all time. Both men were inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame in the 1970s.


You Can Go To Community College…Or You Can Go To Harvard

It's your choice. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with community college. As a matter of fact, I attended a community college my freshman year and I loved it. But honestly, if I had had my choice, (and the grades!) I would have gone to Harvard or Yale, or some other big league school. I'm not putting average schools down, but let’s be frank, there's a big difference in the quality of a world-class institution. The great thing about a first class education is the sheer confidence of knowing you've gone to the top. (And believe me, when you walk on-stage in front of 10,000 people, you will CRAVE that confidence) The Bill Gove Speech Workshop will give you an Ivy League education in public speaking.

Harvard and Yale Produce Presidents and Senators…The Bill Gove Speech Workshop Produces Million-Dollar Public Speakers.

Here Are Some of Our Graduates That Went on to Fame and Fortune:

Dave Yoho, Sr. Class of 1958, Went on to become Hall of Fame Speaker/Consultant
Larry Wilson, Class of 1960, Founded Wilson Learning Corporation, which launched the corporate training industry. Inducted into Speakers Hall of Fame. Sold millions of books on Selling and Personal Growth
Ty Boyd, Class of 1965, TV/Radio Legendand President of National Speakers Association, inducted into Speakers Hall of Fame
Bob Proctor, Class of 1968, Became International Speaker/Author Sensation. One of Canada's biggest names in speaking.
Mark Victor Hansen, Class of 1970, Co-Author/Chicken Soup for The Soul (Sold 100 Million Copies to date) Became International Celebrity Speaker
Cavett Robert, Class of 1972, Founder of The National Speakers Association Inducted into Speakers Hall of Fame. Namesake of the coveted Cavett Award.

Jim Cathcart, Class of 1972, President of National Speakers Association, Inducted into Speakers Hall of Fame


Dr. Jim Tunney, Class of 1975, considered the Dean of NFL Referees, went on to become President of the National Speakers Association. Also inducted into The Speakers Hall of Fame
Ray Pelletier, Class of 1979, Inducted into Speakers Hall of Fame, 1999
Og Mandino, Class of 1980, inducted into Speakers Hall of Fame, went on to sell over 35 million books
Dr. Tony Alessandra, Class of 1980, Inducted into Speakers Hall of Fame, 1985
Karyn Buxman, Class of 1995, Inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame in 2001
Dr. Gary Smalley, Class of 1996, Keynote Speaker at the National Speakers Association Convention in 2000. Infomercials have sold millions of dollars in his videocassette programs.
Dave Johnson, Class of 1998, Royal Ambassador with Nikken, Inc. And one of the highest paid network marketers in the world.
Keith Harrell, CSP, CPAE, Class of 2003, One of the most popular keynote
speakers in America today.
Steve Siebold, CSP, CPCS, class of 1996. Top 1% of income earners in the professional speaking business, worldwide. Won 2007 Telly Award for Best Motivational Television Show host. Wrote business best-seller, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class.
Jacqueline Whitmore, CSP, Class of 2002. Founder, Palm Beach School of Protocol. Became nationally acclaimed authority on etiquette. Featured regularly on FOX news.
James Ray, CSP. Class of 1995.  Became one of the highest paid speakers and seminar leaders in America. He’s been a featured guest on Oprah and Larry King Live. Co-star of the hit movie, The Secret.
Cynthia Kersey, Class of 1999. Went on to become one of the most popular female speakers in America. Wrote the best-selling book, Unstoppable.
Majorie Brody, CSP, CPAE. Class of 1998. Founder of Brody Communications, a multi-million dollar training firm. Inducted into International Speakers Hall of Fame in 2005.
Bob Burg, Class of 1998. Best-selling author and million dollar professional speaker.
Lisa Jimenez, Class of 1999. One of the most popular professional speakers in the direct selling industry. Best-selling author of the book, Conquer Fear.
Dr. Topher Morrison, Class of 2007.  One of the most successful speakers in the world on the topic of Neural Linguistic Programming.
Nido Qubein, CSP, CPAE. Went on to become President of the National Speakers Association and one of the highest grossing professional speakers of all-time. Inducted into the International Speakers Hall of Fame in 1985. 
Bill Brooks, CSP, CPAE.  Formed the Brooks Group, which became one the most highly respected speaking, training and consulting firms in America.  Best-selling author of numerous books. Inducted into the International Speakers Hall of Fame in 1986.


The Bill Gove Speech Workshop Graduate List Includes Seven Past Presidents Of The National Speakers Association, And 23 Members Of The Speakers Hall Of Fame

With 60-years of graduates. . .this list goes on forever, but I think you get the point. No other public speaking workshop has a graduate list that even remotely comes close to this magnitude. That's why it's known around the world as the Harvard of all Speaking Schools.

Here's Some Of the Things You Will Learn in the 3 Day Workshop. . . And Over The Course Of The 12-Month Follow-Up Online Program:


  • 7 ways to create excitement from the platform
  • How to write and catalog speeches like a professional speaker
  • The support secret that professional speakers use to relax before every speech.
  • How to use theatrical techniques in your presentation
  • The magic fraternity house delivery style that never fails
  • The world-famous Gove Grasp that pulls in any audience like a magnet
  • How to integrate humor into ANY speech
  • How to use one-liners that will work with every audience
  • How to use geographical transitions that your audiences will love
  • How to use personal stories that will connect with your audience immediately
  • What to do if you go blank on stage
  • The pressure-proofing system that will end stage fright. . . forever
  • Three magic elements every speech must have to be considered world-class
  • Speech module development - the AA formula that never fails
  • The difference between material written to be read and material written to be heard
  • Captivating gestures that will hold any audience spellbound
  • The anti-bombing strategy that destroys the mortal enemy of every speaker
  • The Mark Twain technique of handcrafting every speech
  • Bill Gove's famous pivot maneuver that will help you connect with your audience
  • Stage movement that showcases your every word
  • The grand prix racing vocalization technique
  • The pause, scan and nod. . . and why it works
  • The secret of the world's best speakers: getting the audience out of the way
  • The best time to speak during a meeting. . . and the worst
  • Why you are responsible to the audience and not for them
  • Why the audience wants you to do well
  • Why the best speakers see themselves as show people
  • How to find more speech material than you can possibly use
  • How to create your speeches with passion. . . BUT deliver them with skill
  • The two tools you must own to develop your skills
  • The difference between a speech, seminar, and workshop. . . and why you want to do all three
  • The amazing keyword note system. . . and why the pro's use it
  • Why lightening up always works
  • How to develop a funny consciousness
  • The four most dangerous words a speaker should never repeat
  • The secret to getting a good introduction every time you speak
  • The magic of mental preparation before every speech
  • The incredible audience response measurement system. . . and how to use it to virtually guarantee how any audience will respond to you.
    How to use a time line-continuum to gage the effectiveness of your speech
  • How to use call backs to add humor and fun to your presentation
Limited Seating Available:

Study With Us For a Year. . . And Catapult Your Career!

Becoming an effective speaker is a process. The 3 days you spend in the workshop is just the beginning of the process. The Bill Gove Speech Workshop also includes a 12-month comprehensive online marketing program that guides you through the stages of speaking step by step. As an additional bonus, you’ll receive a lifetime subscription to The Graduate, our newsletter for graduates only. This newsletter is packed with information about speaking skills, speaker marketing ideas, updates on your fellow graduates and their success stories, upcoming events and opportunities, and much more. This newsletter is NOT available to the general public. The graduates of the Bill Gove Speech Workshop are members of the richest legacy in the history of public speaking, and the Graduate newsletter reflects that. It's a special publication for a very special group of people around the world.

It’s a Year Long Process. . . But Your Results Will Skyrocket In The First 3 Days…

The 3-day workshop is an awakening to the wondrous speaking talents that lay dormant within you. Our goal for the weekend is to help you discover your unique speaking style…and to build your skills around your specific style and personality. You’ll learn everything you need to improve during the workshop…and the following 12-months will put a professional polish on your presentation. Once you become a graduate, you are an official member of the richest legacy in the speaking industry…a legacy that began with Mark Twain over a one hundred years ago. At your graduation ceremony you will learn the entire Bill Gove Speech Workshop Legacy Story . . . and exactly how you fit into it.

As a graduate, you are now a VIP in the most highly professional support system in the speaking industry. You will never be alone again. At Gove-Siebold Group, graduates of the Bill Gove Speech Workshop are treated as royalty.

Network With Kings And Queens…

The Bill Gove Speech Workshop attracts a very prestigious clientele, including CEO’s of major corporations, presidents of national associations, TV and radio personalities, Miss USA pageant winners, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, executives, lawyers, doctors, accountants, professional speakers, direct salespeople, managers, etc. . .

But Don’t Be Intimidated, it doesn't mean you have to be a hot shot to attend . . . But I Want You To Know That Many High Profile People Do Attend.

Many times we’ll have a housewife in the workshop sitting next to the President of a company…or a construction worker in the same group with inventors or scientists. There's a close bond between graduating classes, much as there is in a college fraternity or sorority. Many graduates end up doing business deals together, joint ventures, and even partnerships. Some of the graduating classes meet once a month to practice together. The opportunities are endless. It’s just another benefit I want you to consider.

(As advertised in Toastmasters Magazine)
Ad from Toastmasters Magazine

So Here’s My Story. . . And a Confession.

Let’s be honest. Most people would rather get a root canal than give a speech. The possibility of massive rejection in front of a group of people is the stuff nightmares are made of. I should know, because I used to be one of them. My eighth grade teacher asked me to read a paragraph out loud in class one day because I wasn't paying attention. I was in love with the girl sitting next to me, and I was daydreaming about her when he shouted;

"Siebold! Read the next page! Now!"

I Turned Eight Shades Of Red, Gasped, and Said…

"What page are we on?"

You can probably imagine what happened next. He slammed the book down on my desk, and started screaming at me like a madman.

I was embarrassed, terrified, and shaken…and it was about to get worse.

When the teacher finally stopped yelling at me, he pointed to the page he wanted me to read. By that time I was so nervous I couldn't seem to catch my breath. I broke out in a cold sweat, and the words on the page became fuzzy and jumbled… and he just kept screaming as I fumbled and tried to read the page.

I Suffered The Rest Of That School Year Fearing I Would Have To Read Or Speak Out Loud In Class Again. . . And Then The Unthinkable Happened…

I won the 8th grade graduation speechwriting contest and was asked to deliver my speech at the graduation ceremony in front of 500 people. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! The thought of being embarrassed and humiliated again in front of my friends (not to mention my family) made me sick to my stomach. I lost six or seven pounds and suffered through the same nightmare every night for a week. The next Monday at school I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore, so I walked into the principles office and begged him to let me off the hook. After 15 minutes of pleading, he finally agreed. He made an official announcement over the intercom later that day that the contest runner-up would be delivering the graduation speech.

I Was Relieved And Happy To Be Off The Hook . . . But I Was Secretly Ashamed. . . Because Deep Down I Knew I Had Missed The Opportunity Of A Lifetime.

All because of fear. I lived in a state of panic for the rest of that school year and for many years after just trying to avoid any situation that would put me in front of more than 2 or 3 people at a time. It destroyed my confidence, my self-esteem, and my grades.

I've Kept This Secret For 27 years. . .

The reason I decided to share this was because maybe YOU had a similar experience with public speaking, and you're ready to break free. There's a feeling a freedom, pride and power waiting for you on the other side of your fear. Public speaking unleashes the passion inside you, and gives you the freedom to speak up and be recognized for your thoughts and ideas. Once you overcome the fear you’ll never be the same.

“Nothing seems to intimidate the powerful public speaker.
Mastery of this skill sets off a nuclear explosion of confidence inside
your mind and launches your self-image into the stratosphere”

So Here's The Rest Of the Story…

I enrolled in speech classes in high school and college, and eventually began to overcome my fear. The only problem was that the teachers and professors were not speakers, they were teachers, so overcoming my fear took years. So when I decided to become a professional speaker, I went straight to the top: The Bill Gove Speech Workshop. That's where I learned that speaking could actually be fun. As a matter of fact, it's now one of my favorite things to do. But only because Bill Gove taught me the secrets and the tricks of the trade.

Here's What's Happened Since. . .

28 years after that science teacher humiliated me in class, I'm now speaking to audiences around the world to groups as large as 12,000 people…and I'm making more in an hour than that mean old teacher used to make in a month! More importantly, speaking gave me the confidence to communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Think about it: If you can speak to a large group of people without fear and have fun doing it, why would any one single person ever intimidate you again?

Developing this skill does something wonderful to your belief system. Suddenly, the world opens up to you. The event that you once viewed as a threat is now seen as a huge opportunity. People begin connecting with you because you're charismatic on the platform--which comes directly from becoming a competent presenter. These skills will carry over from your professional life to your personal life…and you’ll notice improvements in all areas of your communication.

Is It Worth The Price?

After I attended in 1996, I had a flood of calls from people asking me this question. I was stunned. Within the first month of taking the workshop, I had more than tripled my investment. And in a few short years, I had earned as much as $117,000 from sales following a 45-minute speech. I wish I could do that well with all of my investments! What's it worth to you to develop supreme confidence and world-class communication skills?

If You Can Influence, Persuade And Entertain An Audience You Will Never be Beholden To Anyone Else For The Rest Of Your Life…

I'm not exaggerating

I went from charging $500 per speech to $5,000 per speech within 12 months of graduating from this workshop, and I grossed over a million dollars in my first few years as a professional speaker by simply implementing what I learned during this 3-day workshop. And believe me, that’s chicken feed compared with some of our more famous graduates!

Show Me a Champion. . . And I'll Show You A Speaker

If you're successful, you're eventually going to be asked to speak about what you've done. Think about it: How many successful people hide in a corner when they're with a group?

“Public Speaking is the great equalizer. It's the skill that tells the world,
"I have something to say, my opinion matters, and I can deliver it with
power, passion, and skill.”

The World Needs To Hear Your Message. . .

And they want to hear it delivered with eloquence that matches the quality of the content. Attending this workshop is your chance to break into the big leagues and make your mark. And if you're already a major leaguer, it's your chance to learn how to make an even bigger impact and reach more people. (And raise your fees!)

Recent Workshop Graduates Speak Out!

If you would like to listen to live testimonials, please call our
24-hour testimonial hotline at 1-212-990-6542

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the biggest benefit I will gain from attending the Bill Gove Speech Workshop and Follow-up program?
Answer: You will know exactly what it takes to build a successful speaking business and what you need to do to make it happen.

What Makes The Bill Gove Speech Workshop Different?
Answer: Experience. The Bill Gove System was developed in 1947 and has been evolving every year since. This information was developed from Bill Gove's personal experience as one of the most popular speakers of the 20th century. The other difference is the atmosphere in which the workshop operates. The Bill Gove Speech Workshop is a laboratory where each student has the freedom and safety to grow. Many students say they have never laughed and learned so much at the same time. The atmosphere is a warm, loving, and safe environment. This allows you to take risks on the platform so you can showcase all of your new skills and techniques. Another difference is that your instructor will be a working professional speaker earning a substantial living in the speaking business. Our coaching staff is comprised of professional speakers who teach from real world experience. Most schools and seminars on public speaking are general, academic, and are conducted like a college course. The Bill Gove Speech Workshop is a year long, comprehensive program that trains a speaker from A to Z. The Bill Gove Speech Workshop is more of a process than a seminar. It kicks off with the 3 day workshop and continues throughout the year with a 12-month comprehensive online marketing program. This program is unlike any other in public speaking, and that's the reason it has a 62-year track record of world-class success.

Do I Have To Be A Professional Speaker To Attend The Workshop?
Answer: No. As a matter of fact, most of our clients are not professional speakers when they first attend. Many are business people who have to make presentations from time to time. We also have a number of authors, athletes, Toastmasters, physicians, lawyers, accountants, ministers, dentists, networkers, chiropractors, as well as a host of other professionals.

What Skills Can I Expect To Walk Away With After The 3 Day Workshop?
Answer: You'll have a clear understanding of the most powerful skills of a highly effective speaker. . . and after giving speeches for three days and implementing them, you will be ready to put your new skills to use immediately. You will also know how to write, catalog, and polish your speeches the same way professional speakers do. The most important thing you will walk away with is the knowledge and understanding of exactly what YOU personally need to work on over the next year. Every speaker is unique, and during the 3 day workshop we will help you identify your individual style. The Bill Gove Speech Workshop has produced many of the best speakers in the world. . . but it has NEVER produced a CLONE. Our job is to help you discover what makes you different from all of the other speakers, and to help you develop, hone and shape those differences. The magic you bring to the platform comes from your own personal unique style combined with content that shares your very own world view. That's a fancy way of saying we're going to help you identify and build on your strengths and personal experiences. . .and that will make you a one of a kind speaker that no one can duplicate.

What If The Other Students Are More Advanced Than I Am?
Answer: All of the suggestions from the coaching staff will be tailored to meet your individual needs, personality, and unique speaking style. Giving you as much personal attention as possible is our top priority. That's why the classes are limited to 15 people. No two speakers are alike, so we never compete from the platform. . . we perform from the platform. Some people who attend this workshop are scared to death. . . and others are earning thousands of dollars per speech. The unique format, developed by Bill Gove, allows us to coach and train all levels of speakers in the same workshop.

How do I register?
Answer: You can register by clicking the following link REGISTER NOW! or by calling 678-971-1692.

If you can't find the answer to your question, please e-mail us now with your question, or call us at 678-971-1692. Click here to send email.

Limited Seating Available:

Your Investment Includes:

1. The 3 day Bill Gove Speech Workshop, including all course materials.

2. The Professional Speaker 12-month online Coaching Course, which will teach you how to build a 6-7 figure professional speaking practice. You will gain access to more videos, audios and articles each month.

3. A lifetime subscription to The Graduate, The official newsletter for graduates of The Bill Gove Speech Workshop.

Stop Postponing Your Success

We receive calls, faxes, and emails every day from people all over the world telling us how they are going to attend the Speech Workshop. . . Someday. All they are doing is postponing their own success. . . and their entry or advancement among the world-class. Why wait?

Some people say they can’t afford it, but we all know that isn’t really true. If you were dying and needed a heart transplant, would you tell me you couldn’t afford to pay $3,997 for a new heart?

Of course not. The question is not CAN you afford it. The real question is whether or not you believe that becoming a good speaker can catapult your career and change your life. If you don’t believe enough in yourself to invest in your own success and happiness, there’s nothing I can say that will change your mind. But if you have the courage to dream of a bigger, better, more fulfilling life. . . enroll in this workshop now!

Now It's Up To You. . .Opportunity Is Not Just Knocking. . .
It’s Knocking Your Door Down!

If you're ready to break the chains that are holding you back on the platform, I strongly encourage you to take a leap of faith.

It's a Warm, Wonderful, Powerful Feeling. . .

I can tell you from experience what a great feeling it is to be up in front of a room, totally relaxed, knowing that you've been trained at the top speech workshop in the world. It's a warm, wonderful feeling to be impacting people's lives in a positive manner. . . and being paid handsomely to do it. There's an overwhelming feeling of peace that comes from knowing that you've paid the price to go to the best.

I hope you will decide to give yourself this very special, once in a lifetime gift. I look forward to working with you. . . and helping you showcase your marvelous talents to the world.


Steve Siebold, CSP
Siebold Success Network



2016 Workshop Schedule

March 18 - 20, 2016 Atlanta
May 13 - 15, 2016 Philly
August 19 - 21, 2016 Atlanta
October 14 - 16, 2016 Chicago
December 2 - 4, 2016 Orlando

Payment: Pay in Full: $3,997

Special financing plan: To guarantee your reservation, a non-refundable deposit of $1,497.00 is required due to limited enrollment. The balance is paid with 6 monthly payments of $438.00. Total Payment: $4125.00.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be made three weeks in advance of workshop or you are responsible for the entire fee. The nonrefundable deposit can be transferred to another Bill Gove Speech Workshop within one calendar year. Substitutes are always welcome.


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Bill Gove Workshop Testimonials
Steve Siebold. . . the quintessential coach. . . I have read many books and have attended quite a few seminars on the subject of Public Speaking but Steve has a way teaching this subject that removes the fear of speaking and increases your confidence after just one hour of his coaching.
-- Kevin Horne
Philadelphia, PA
As a longtime Toastmaster, trainer and speaker, I thank you for the gift you call The Bill Gove Speech Workshop. Your ideas on storytelling, body language and stage control helped me immediately. Learning from those who truly know the speaking business was a joy.

The result? I led six training seminars in the six weeks after attending The Bill Gove Speech Workshop. My evaluations were excellent - the best ever! I obtained more referrals from seminars participants than I could comfortably handle. Most importantly, I MADE MORE MONEY DOING WHAT I LOVE TO DO - SPEAKING!

I recommend Steve, Dawn and The Bill Gove Speech Workshop to any Toastmaster, trainer or business professional. If you want to be more entertaining, effective and profitable; then invest in yourself and become a Bill Gove Speech Workshop graduate.
-- Ed Lamont, DTM - President
Lamont Consulting Group, Inc.
Boynton Beach, FL
Prior to the workshop I thought I could be a good professional speaker. With these new tools that I have learned I believe I can be one of the greats.
-- Mel A. Schlesinger
Wilmington, NC
Your workshop was the most useful learning experience on public speaking I ever encountered. Great Job!
-- Pat Astre
Ridge, NY
As a beginner at speaking, I am sure that I started with the best possible training available. My confidence grew as I learned how to make my speaking effective & fun by using the simple methods that were developed by the best in the business. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to step into public speaking.
-- Kathy Lucia
Germantown, MD
I am so grateful that I made the decision to attend your speech workshop. When I first read the description of the workshop on your web site, I questioned how you could really deliver what you promised in a weekend. I felt that what you were offering was exactly what I was missing in launching my speaking career. And since you offered a money back guarantee if not "totally blown away with the experience", I felt that there was nothing to lose. So,I came with an open mind and high expectations. Not only were my expectations exceeded, I must say that I truly was blown away by the experience.

I Not only learned that which I knew I was lacking in becoming a speaker, also many key elements in writing and preparing for a speech that I was not even aware of. Through your coaching and support, I learned so much about my personal style and how to develop it, and bring it our more. And in the process, I also uncovered some hidden talents I didn't even know existed.

This workshop certainly delivered what it promised, and then some. Combined with your guidance and support, the group participation, and my personal experiences, I can now understand how you can promise so much in such a short time. Thank you for being such wonderful role models.
-- Timothy Tizzano
Ashville, NC
The Gove-Siebold Speech Workshop was the most enlightening, informative, revealing exercise on speaking I could have imagined.
-- Stan Tonoski
Property Manager
Fort Langley, BC
The Bill Gove Speech Workshop gets to the heart of how to present effectively. It totally changed my understanding of how to build and deliver a speech. What I have learned will impact all aspects of my life.
-- Katy Fletcher
San Francisco, CA
SLDFXThis workshop taught me the difference between talking and communicating.
-- Nancy Cole
Ashland, OR
SLDFXThe skills taught during this seminar have highly improved my effectiveness as a speaker and will also enhance every aspect of my life. Highly beneficial!
-- Dr. Bob Brown
Great Falls, VA
Encouragement, nitty-gritty critique and the model of the masters. This workshop has the ingredients for learning by leaps and bounds.
-- Katharine Harding
Newspaper Publisher
Neskowin, OR
Of the numerous public speaking courses I’ve participated in over the years, the Bill Gove Speech Workshop together with Steve Siebold was the most effective self confidence building event I’ve had the privilege of attending. Bill Gove is the guru of putting the magic and ease of inspired speech into the hearts of his students.
-- Russell Haack
Boulder, Colorado
You MUST attend the Bill Gove Speech Workshop. . . absolutely fabulous! This workshop WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
-- Marianne Bronstein
Nikken Diamond Distributor
Englewood Cliff, New Jersey
Most surveys show that public speaking is the # 1 fear. . . and I was one of those people. The reduction in anxiety I felt by the end of the workshop was. . . astounding. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure I had any anxiety by the time we were done. Thanks so much!
-- Ron Sternberg
Summit, New Jersey
The most fun, inspiring, informative and satisfying personal development workshop I’ve ever attended. Well worth the time and investment. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their ability to communicate with an audience.
-- Cary Glickstein
Business Executive
Philadelphia, Pa
Bill and Steve. . . you are heaven sent. . . you helped all of us bring our treasures to the surface.
-- Barney Cosenza
Bayside, NY
Attending the Bill Gove Speech Workshop is the best decision I've made for my career-EVER! Being coached by the best has dramatically improved my speaking ability, presentation style and bottom line.
-- Lisa Jimenez, M.Ed.
President , Florida Speakers Association
Parkland, FL
2½ of the most powerful days I’ve ever invested in my career. The Bill Gove Speech Workshop is much more than a seminar on speaking skills; it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks Steve and Bill. . .you guys are the all-pros when it comes to speaking!
-- Jim Clack
3-time NFL All-Pro 2-Time Superbowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers
Greens Boro, NC